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April 28, 2012

I would like to announce the soon to be launch of my newest book, THE IHMAYRAN CHRONICLES TRILOGY. If you like stories that tell of myth and magic, prophecies and portents, maids and monsters, then you might like THE IHMAYRAN CHRONICLES TRILOGY, which is a story in three parts. Each story is separate, yet all are a part of a whole.

For Mayna Phayris, every day was pretty much the same. She got up, ate breakfast, then, after giving her mom, Miriam, a quick kiss, she headed off for another day of teasing and ridicule. It had been that way for as long as Mayna could remember. She and her mom had lived in the same house ever since she was about two or three, when her dad simply took off one day and never came back.

Mayna wishes with all of her heart that things could change, not only for herself, but for her much loved mother as well. Mayna had spent her entire life watching her mother make herself ill, trying to work whatever jobs she could find, often working two jobs, just to keep a roof over their heads.

There is an old saying, “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.” Mayna is about to learn that there is much truth in that saying, for the night of her sixteenth birthday is about to indeed bring change…though not quite exactly what Mayna might have had in mind!

Miriam had given Mayna a tiny ceramic unicorn statue and a pottery wheel set for her birthday that day. Mayna gets up at midnight to mend the tiny chip that was in one of the little statue’s legs. She had seen the look in her mother’s eyes when she realized she had given Mayna a flawed gift. Wanting to make her mom happy, Mayna decides to mend the flaw, using some of the ceramic dust from the pottery wheel set.

Such a simple action, but one that was about to have very far reaching consequences. That seemingly simple, mundane action will set into motion events that began, not only in another time, they began in another world. Those events will shatter every concept of reality that Mayna and her mother had ever known, and change them both forever.

Miriam and Mayna will find themselves training to fight a war against an enemy of total and unmitigated evil, to save the world that would become their new home…Ihmayra.

As for Mayna, who had never really thought of herself as very special at all, as events unfold, she is about to find that she is very, very special indeed. She will discover that her story did not, in truth, even start in her world.

Book One of THE IHMAYRAN CHRONICLES TRILOGY will take you on a journey to the past, to the wonderful, magical, and yes, sometimes terrifying, world of Ihmayra. You will meet a king and queen, a powerful magician, a witch, and witness the birth of a very special baby, the


So come, journey to a land where you will meet creatures of myth and fantasy…a world where true magic is not an illusion…

It is a definite…and sometimes deadly…reality.




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  1. Woohoo! Marantha is back! Looks like you’ve been busy – how exciting!

    Did you get my email awhile back about the Ihmayran Chronicles? Should I stop reading until the official copy comes out?

    • i didn’t get it, sorry. my mail has been messing up and you are not the first one to tell me they sent me something and i never saw hide nor hair of it! i have one book already available, which, oddly enough, was based on some of your prompts. it is called “homeward bound”, and it is a scifi. it is available through createspace and i write under the pen name of marantha d. jenelle.

      thank you for contacting me, i miss you all.


  2. by the way, if you would like a free copy of the actual manuscript, once i finish editing the last twenty chapters of the first book of the trilogy, email me at, and i will send you a signed copy as a pdf. and it will be in color!

    hugglz, loves yous, sweet lady!


  3. Sweet! Let me know when you finish it!!!

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